Monday, June 1, 2009

Big spider for New England

Big spider for New England
Originally uploaded by bowtoo
A word about insects in North Eastern America.

The first thing to know is that most of them are vicious. I think that this is because they have such a short time to be active that they come out in the spring and bite. Most of the insects (especially the small flying ones) bite.

The mosquitoes are almost unbearable at certain times of the year (there is lots of standing water around) and there are blue flies (essentially horse flies) on the beaches from May to June.

There aren't many big spiders though... so tonight when we saw this one it was the center of some attention. Of course I had to record it.... as a photographer it is very important to try to get a "catchlight" in the eye of the person who's portrait you shoot so I was quite proud to get one in one of eyes of this guy.

Shot with my 50mm lens with a macro extension to get me really close.


  1. Citronella Oil, in any form, and if you get it there, are excellent to keep mosquitoes away. Are the spiders poisonous or just vicious in the sense that they have a painful bite?

  2. Ah yes - we have that here... the mosquitoes get so thick in May/June that they ignore those sorts of things....

    It is not so much the spiders - just that there are lots of little bugs that bite...