Monday, August 15, 2011

India Day 2011

I happened upon India Day in 2010 when a friend of mine mentioned that it was a free event at the Boston Hatch Shell on the Charles river.  Anne and I made our way into the city on the subway and spent a wonderful afternoon watching the colorful dancers and listing to the vibrant rhythms of the music from all over India.

Particularly enjoyable were the fusion sounds of traditional and modern Bollywood songs that had the crowds singing along.

This year I specifically looked out for the event on the Boston calendar.  The food, sounds and dance drawing me back for another feast.  We settled down with samosas and some curried chicken and, despite the intermittent rain, enjoyed the stories and songs of the event.

The atmosphere and general mood is so friendly and I love the movement and hand gestures of the dance.

Click on the link below for a slideshow.

India Day 2011