Thursday, September 25, 2008

Getting things done

I did some initial delving into the Getting Things Done method for organizing lists of action items based on incoming tasks.

A fundamental part of the process for this is to get all inputs (things you have to do or deal with) and process them by figuring out what the next action item is. The action items are defer, delegate, delete and do something. You have to take the time to figure out what the next step is before passing to the next item.

Once the first step is done the items that are deferred or in todos have to be organized into lists that are reviewed once a week.... that is the hard part.

It is a very effective means of managing many competing demands and has the advantage that you can pick tasks to do depending on the time you have and the energy that you can put into the tasks. The todo lists are organized by context so you have an at work, at home, at the telephone lists.

David Allen is the author of the book and there is a you tube video of him doing a presentation on his methodology.

Podcast for photography

I am a long time listener of the Tips from the Top Floor podcast that
Chris Marquardt produces from Germany. He has a great
sense of humor and has many useful tips on everything ranging from
equipment to improving your photography. He has an active schedule
which includes workshops in the USA.

I particularly enjoy the segments that he runs with Leo Laporte (The
Tech Guy

A friend's recommendation sent me to TWIP (This Week In Photography).
I have to say that the presentation by Scott Bourne and his fellow hosts is
excellent. Full of news, tips, reviews - the hour is packed with very
interesting information.

First Photos

Not two weeks after getting a 70-300 lens, I went to a seminar on
wildlife photography where it was made clear that you can't really get
away with a lens smaller than 400mm. In addition, the 70-300mm Canon
USM IS lens does not take a teleconverter (I found out later that you
can get Tamron or Sigma teleconverters for this lens).

Well after some frantic saving for our trip to Africa, I traded in the
70-300mm today for the 100-400L IS f4-5.6. The first impressions are
that the lens is a monster. It is much heavier than the 70-300 so
hiking with it is going to be a chore.... BUT hopefully the pictures
will be worth the effort.

I am taking a trip to Maine in the first weekend of October so we'll

This Mallard Duck is from the first batch of photos with this lens.

Monarch Flight

Monarch Flight
Originally uploaded by bowtoo

Every Fall the Monarch Butterflies migrate from the North to areas
around Florida and Mexico.

Eastern Point in Gloucester is a good spot to see the butterflies -
apparently in the early morning as the sun warms their wings they all
take off at the same time which would make for a pretty awesome sight.

I think I have missed them this year. The migration web site shows
them at Lat 37N which is around Delaware now.