Tuesday, May 19, 2009


There is a club at my son's school that plays a game called Ultimate Frisbee.

I had heard of this sport a few times in conversation here but couldn't figure out exactly how it worked or what the point of it was.
From Ultimate Frisbee 2009

It didn't get much better when, after a few practices I was introduced to some of the concepts - I have to say that it sounded like a game that some kids invented with rules that were made up as they went along.

There is no referee and the game takes the form of a soccer (or football?) game with a frisbee. Players pass the frisbee forward and back to each other with the objective of getting it into the far end-zone. The frisbee can be knocked down or intercepted by the other team and there are some rules about how physical you can get when going for an interception.
From Ultimate Frisbee 2009

A foul (or "spirit" foul) is play that is not in the spirit of the game and these are negotiated by the players on the field - sometimes resulting in the frisbee changing hands or players going back to the last spot that the frisbee was thrown from to reset.

Frisbee throwing can be varied so from a spectator's point of view the game is a good one to watch. Players leap and dive to get the disk in mid air or to knock it down before another player gets to it.
From Ultimate Frisbee 2009