Thursday, October 9, 2008

Most viewed

It is interesting that the most viewed photograph that I have on Flickr (over 1000 views) is one that is linked from search engines for which "Salem Witch Trials" is the search term.

The image is of the memorial stone for Suzannah Martin who was one of the girls who was hanged in those months where the hysteria was running rampant in Salem.

The actual site of the trials was not the Salem that we know today but further North West near Danvers.

The judge in those trials had a mansion that later became the infamous instane asylum "Danvers State" where lobotomies were performed after having been first tried in New York. The asylum was the setting for a horror movie called "Session 5" and has now been turned into condos.

The text on the doll reads:

Hatred and prejudice now banished
Let love reside
Across the veil of time our ancestors call
We are still wise ones through it all

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