Thursday, September 25, 2008

First Photos

Not two weeks after getting a 70-300 lens, I went to a seminar on
wildlife photography where it was made clear that you can't really get
away with a lens smaller than 400mm. In addition, the 70-300mm Canon
USM IS lens does not take a teleconverter (I found out later that you
can get Tamron or Sigma teleconverters for this lens).

Well after some frantic saving for our trip to Africa, I traded in the
70-300mm today for the 100-400L IS f4-5.6. The first impressions are
that the lens is a monster. It is much heavier than the 70-300 so
hiking with it is going to be a chore.... BUT hopefully the pictures
will be worth the effort.

I am taking a trip to Maine in the first weekend of October so we'll

This Mallard Duck is from the first batch of photos with this lens.

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