Monday, September 14, 2009

Radiation threats from cell phones

A friend forwarded this article to me about Cell phones and their radiation.

Although the article points out that not much is known about the effects of this radiation it would be wise to be cautious about use.

South African's and teenagers in the US will be pleased to see that one of the tips is to text more and speak lest.

Here are the tips:

As part of the report, the EWG also provided eight safety tips for cellphone users who are concerned about radiation. Here is a quick list of the tips. You can click through to the original list for more detail on each of the items.

1. Buy a low-radiation phone
2. Use a headset or speaker
3. Listen more, talk less
4. Hold phone away from your body
5. Choose texting over talking
6. Poor signal? Stay off the phone
7. Limit children’s phone use
8. Skip the “radiation shield”

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