Sunday, September 13, 2009


Every year around this time flying creatures start migrating south for the winter.

Some migrate all the way from Northern Canada down to Florida or South America and there are some incredible stories of tiny hummingbirds that fly from New England all the way South and then across the Gulf of Mexico. This is one incredible journey.

Raptors migrate too and people go out to hills and mountains around here to watch them fly by.

I have been a couple of times, but saw a blog post forecasting a few good days of Hawk watching coming up.

So Anne and I headed up to Pack Monadnock today to watch for Hawks.

Pack Monadnock is in Southern New Hampshire near Peterborough and has a road that goes all the way up to the top. This means that plenty of people have access to the top and it was pretty crowded when we got there with families on fold-up chairs, a guitarist and plenty of birdwatchers.

I was told that we missed a Hawk that came by and buzzed the artificial Owl that they have up there for the purpose of attracting Hawks closer.

I looked for the couple whose blog I had seen. They are celebrities in the birding world up here having made TV documentaries and published over 60 books on birds and birding and I took a photograph of Don as he was surveying for birds.

The serious birders up there are quite phenomenal. Don was identifying birds that we could not see with the naked eye - which means that they were mere specks in his binoculars.

A few birds came close enough for me to photograph, but we didn't have great shots of them and in the end the photograph that I most liked from the day was a dog snuggling up to his master.

Next week they will be releasing a few captive Hawks and if I can get some time this week I am going to head up there again. We heard stories about over 500 Broadwing Hawks settling down in the trees around the mountain as the sun set at the height of their migration in past years. Now that would be a sight to see.

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