Wednesday, July 8, 2009

As American as Cricket?

A friend forwarded this article to me - it makes an interesting read: a cricket lover noting some of the similarities between cricket and baseball.

Mentioning the game cricket in America will almost always bring a smirk and some comment about how long or slow it is.

I have a friend who grew up in Michigan and came to love cricket at college - which is a good thing, because it is great to hear him expounding on some finer detail of the game!

Of course it is really hard to follow cricket here. Buying a series on TV is only possible if you have one of the two satellite services and it costs. I think that the last world cup cost $300 (R3000) to watch on TV.

The games are streamed on the internet now, so have become a little more affordable, but then you have the time difference to contend with as well.... sigh.

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  1. Those commenting on the long and slow should watch a 20/20 game and will very quickly change their minds. I can imagine life without rugby very easily, but cricket, OMG, not so easy to imagine. Can't help it, I love the game even though I do not watch regularly.

    Warm SA greetings (not so warm here at the moment though, frost in the early mornings looks a bit like a light snowfall... brrrr!