Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Been away a long time

Child minding
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We took eight years to get it together, but finally managed to get to go back to South Africa for a holiday last month.

Wow - what a whirlwind of emotion and nostalgia. Of course, seeing my family again was fantastic - we were able to reconnect after so many years of relying on only phone calls to keep in touch and my sister was inspired to arrange a the first weekend at a warm spring resort in the North East. The resort is called Die Oog - which means "The eye"
and had a swimming pool that was the temperature of bath water.

The resort also had a camp adjacent to it with wild game that for the most part were pretty used to people. The Nyala - a long-haired buck in particular let me get really close. The Blesbok were shyer but I managed to get a photograph of them that was pretty decent.

My favourite photograph of this weekend was one taken with back light  of a group of monkeys. They seem to take turns looking after the young and one of them had a baby but was being bugged by another who kept on trying to take the baby away. They paused for a moment and I
took this shot.

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